Written by Sue Murray

Who are you taking to the formal???

DATES: 26th – 30th Of June

LOCATION:      24 Barter street, Gympie

TIMES:    Evenings – Wed & Thurs & Fri 7.00pm, Sat & Sun 6.00pm  Matinees – Sat & Sun 2.00pm

This witty comedy explores all of the trials and tribulations of the school Formal. Set in the 1980’s the dresses the drama and the dating dilemmas still prevail. Featuring talented young performers from across Gympie, this Perseverance Street Youth Theatre production will thrill drama queens who love Taffeta, 80’s music and a good laugh.


Directors Tegan Kerr & Sofia Abbey

Sound Design Jonas White 

Set Design Sofia Abbey & Tegan Kerr

Set Construction Jonas White & Sharon Hogan

Lighting Design Fletcher Colfs & Jonas White

Costume Design Sharon Hogan