Youth Choir

We believe that learning to sing offers a life time of joy.  GPAA offers a choral development pathway from 11 years and upwards. In this nurturing environment participants build their vocal skills, listening, pitch, memory and articulation along with the energy control, focus and concentration needed to sing with an ensemble. From weekly workshops for young people to short courses for adults, this program provides opportunity for vocalists with a range of abilities. There are also private lessons available with singing teacher Sarah Harvey.

This is chance to develop great vocal singing technique from a young age. Weekly workshops will include vocal warm-ups games and song work.

After two terms, a special concert showcase for friends and family will take place. Term one and two in 2023 will focus on the theme of the Jungle – and explore classic songs from musicals such as The Lion King. Participant are also invited to perform at one local community event per semester.

Meet your instructor, Sarah Harvey

Sarah Harvey has worked as a professional actor, singer, voice teacher, choir leader and musical director for over 30 years. Trained as an actor and singer in Melbourne, she has worked nationally and internationally in street theatre, theatre, cabaret, operetta, classical music and jazz settings. She spent 16 years in New Caledonia working as the jazz and modern styles vocal teacher at the Noumea Conservatoire of Music and Dance, singing in jazz ensembles, creating and directing several choirs and acapella groups as well as working as musical director on several music theatre projects. Sarah has a Bachelor of Theatre from the University of NSW.  She returned to Australia in 2019 and now lives on the outskirts of Gympie raising up a building, children and many trees.  Sarah recently performed in Perseverance production of GRIT and collaborated with the creative team to build the original music for this well received, original work.  She has launched a local choir and is proud to be a part of Gympie Performance Arts Academy as a key teacher, director, acting and vocal coach.

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Feel welcome to come into our office during working hours to buy a spot in person or email us at

FAQs About Our SongHOUSE

1. How will my child benefit from engaging in SONGHOUSE workshops at GPAA?

The emotional, mental and social benefits of performing arts experience are countless and well documented: from increased understanding of each other, stronger critical thinking skills, mental wellbeing and decreased stress levels; to significant public benefits such as social connection, self-expression and healthy childhood development. Studying singing and voice builds communication, confidence and collaboration skills – these are the most transferrable skills to any future career. We start with where you are at. We find out your goals and then work with you to achieve them. Your voice is like your signature through life – everyone has a unique tone when they are speaking or singing.

2. Why should we enrol in more classes…Don’t children and young people learn about the arts at school?

In the crowded school curriculum, the arts are often the first subject to have its time cut.  Add to that, the fact that not every school has a singing program, and it is easy to see why sometimes extra classes outside of school are vital for young people. These skills take time to develop and hone. They also need regular practise to sustain. Dedicated Arts teachers do their best but there is simply not enough time in the school day. Developing brains withhold new information like a sponge which is why this is the perfect time to be learning skills such as singing and music theory.

3. How will you cater for the interests and ability level of my child?

During the enrolment process, we work this out with you and your child before we even start in the workshop space. You tell us what you want to achieve through the classes. We tell you how we’re going to achieve it. And then we get started. Along the way, it will be a three way communication where we all work together to achieve the outcome.

4. How are the fees structured?

We are not-for-profit organisation. Fees cover costs such as insurance, rent, production expenses and teacher fees. It’s important to note that our fees are all costs inclusive. There are no hidden stage levies here! We endeavour to keep our fees as low as possible.

6. I’m not sure if they will like it. Can we try it out?

You sure can. Not only that, but we are so confident they will have a great time that we will offer you a FREE TRIAL to get started. Again, absolutely no risk to you! If your child attends the first lesson and decides it is not for them, it will cost you nothing.

7. Do you have professional qualifications?

All of our instructors have a drama or education degree. All our staff have Blue Cards of course and we have a registered Child Protection Policy in place. Our GPAA program director, Dr Sharon Hogan has had over a decade of experience as a leading drama educator and a professional theatre director. Sharon oversees all of our curriculum and the training of our teaching teams.

8. How long have GPAA Been Around?

GPAA is new, this is our second year… however, the people running it have been doing this for a long time.  We’ve been doing it for over 10 years and we’ve been teaching children and young people for well over 40 years. Good news is, we don’t see the finish line either – we plan to be here for a long time doing what we love!

9. Are there expectations around behaviour?

Trust, empathy, respect, and connection are our core values at GPAA. We require all participants and facilitators to adhere to these values. Please see our terms and conditions for more information.

10. What if we’re late?

Time is our most precious resource. Please remember to be punctual so that sessions can start and finish according to the timetable. However, if something unexpected happens occasionally, don’t panic, we would rather see you at class if you are running a little late than not see you at all.